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it has a name...

*drum rolls* my car is finally named.

with a name that I adore and was planning on calling future children but imperatorzlarp was totally shocked and against it... 

so in other words: my car's name is Pandora. (my car's a box with hope in it... :oP)
Sri Lanka

exam in 3...2...1...

 Today's my first and only exam for this semester. All I have to do other than that is a paper and an essay. So should be fairly easy. But this exam... Argh! 

Anyways, here finally my car. Which I love. And which still doesn't have a name... Help? :o)

Sri Lanka

Help me name my car!

 Funny how I always turn up to write when I'm the most bored. Like now. I'm in a lecture about everyday life in Switzerland over the years. Shown in movies about everyday life. And sometimes commented. I think I know of at least 5 things I'd rather be doing right now:

1. taking a sunbath - it's such beautiful summer weather now
2. reading a book
3. watching the newest Glee and ANTM episodes
4. eating ice cream somwhere outside
5. doing my tax return - yes,it's sad, but I'm behind with the one from last year and really should do it soon. I               always put it off and then I get a reminder from the government... this time I didn't get one yet... :o)
and I actually should really start studying for the exams too... for example for this subject I'm sitting in right now... *yawn*
But everything else sounds awesome right now. Like standing in a full bus or train of sweating people. Or going to the dentist. Not that I'm masochistic or something... :o)
Oh wow, already half of the lecture over. I basically spent it by reading stuff on the internet, writing emails, writing here, ...
But I could also write something about my new job. I started it at the beginning of this month and love it so far. We had one week of training and are now working shift. The first two days of working, we had a trainer with us who helped us when we had questions. And since then I'm there on my own. Which is cool. I do boarding at the gates, pick up flights that arrive (which means opening the doors, welcoming the people, helping them with connecting flights, information, ...) and I also help people with the self-checkin at the machines. People are really helpless sometimes. But it's still fun. And next month I'll have 2 weeks of system training and after that I can do check-in and stuff like that at the computer. This will be fun, too.
 All in all, I love it. Even working from 5 am on (can you imagine how empty the streets are at this time? It's
here a picture of our awesome class. (not everybody has their full uniforms yet since the company responsible for that has problems delivering... )

And because of this job, I have my own car now. It's the old one from my sister, a dark green BMW. I love it. And I'm still searching for a name for it. So if anyone got any ideas...? :o)     a picture will follow....
Sri Lanka

there can be miracles, if you believe... *sing*

 Another week, another post. Wow, I amaze myself! :o)

So, there are miracles in this world I think. Last week, I went to this job interview morning for the job I really want. (remember from the last post?)
There, they explained first the whole company with numbers and facts to the 7 applicants that were there. Then, they took us on a tour around the airport to show us, where we would be working possibly. Then there were the scheduled single interviews. While it wasn't our term, we were able to sit in the back of one of the booths at the check in and ask questions and stuff. It was really interesting. Then I had my interview which was almost an hour. There, they first checked what I actually remembered from the presentation about 2 hours earlier. Since I'm used to remember lots of stuff, I still had all the numbers and facts ready. Then, the interview was also for some parts in english (yay!) and in french (nay!). The french part was rather painful and I was sweating like crazy. But I got somehow through it. Only slightly feeling a bit stupid.
Anyways, I thought I was really convincing (again, except for the french part) and charming and they told me they'd call the next morning. So the next morning, I waited and waited, really anxious. And then, after lunch, they finally did call. She told me that my positive energy and charme won them over and that I have the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will start at may 2nd. And I'm so excited.This is really awesome and I couldn't stop beaming and mentally jumping up and down. Of course not literally. Way too much work. :o)
Now I only need to get a car and I'll be set. Yay!
no wai

I see a life sign...

Yes, I'm still alive. And lazy. Or forgettful. Whatever it was that kept me from posting here. I guess both. And maybe even more.

But that's the past. I'm back and I hope I keep remembering to write here from time to time. :o)

So, I'm at university now and just had a very interesting lecture about persian paintings. I realy enjoyed it and will even enjoy holding a presentation and writing a paper about it. 

I'm a bit  a lot nervous about tomorrow. I have been searching for a part-time job now for quite a while and while after I had to take a course about applications and stuff (which was actually really good and taught me loads of stuff) I finally had some job interviews from the jobs I applied for. And tomorrow is an interview for a job I really really want. I mean really. It's at the airport and I would do check-ins, boardings, information, ... the like. 
It would be awesome since I really love to work in an international environment. And I love the airport. 
Now they want  of course really good english, which shouldn't be a problem, and conversational french, which is kind of a problem. I had french for I think 8 years in school. That was about 6 years ago. And I never liked it much. And I've almost never spoken it since. 
The guy inviting me for the interview told me that it will be from 8 am til 12.30 pm. First, there will be a presentation of the company, then a tour through the airport for the case that we'd work there after, and then individual interviews where (and I quote) they'll "check the language knowledge. Of course that shouldn't be a problem for you, right?". Eep!
I told him I'm a bit rusty when it comes to french and that I'm right now practicing again for myself. So, since last week when I got the call, I've been looking through my old french school books ever since, trying to convince my former knowledge to come back. And I thought myself a bit into a little tiny panic about them asking me to talk in french and nothing comes out or them asking me a question in french and me not understanding it for the life of me. So I really will have to think of some useful sentences in french which I can say if that happens. And I really need to stop panicking. And relax. I think that tomorrow I will be relaxed again, but right now I'm really nervous about it. Normally I try to avoid french. But I just might not be able to do so tomorrow.... Argh!!!
Anyways, did I mention that I really want that job? If not: I REALLY WANT THAT JOB !

And now I have to go and look some more at my french books. It might help after all... 
Sri Lanka

so much to say, so little time...

So much has happened since my last post. But unfortunately we don't have Wi-Fi at school anymore. So I'm writing this from an internet cafe. That's why there's only gonna be a few pictures. It takes forever to upload them...
I'm not gonna go into more details now. Only this. I'll be home 2 weeks early on the 6th of September. More later.
Now a few pics...

Me in Galle on the Fort.

In a temple in Colombo.

More next time.
Sri Lanka

a first batch of pics of our trip


Dambulla. There they have the Golden Temple and the Stone Temple. Unfortunately we were there at 7 am and therefore they weren't open yet. So we just looked at them from the outside and took pictures.


My favourite place here. Sigirya. It has 1202 steps to the top and a breathtaking view.


The painted girls of Sigiriya. They're as old as the place itself. And still intact. And the entrance to the steps to the top level. Lion paws.


A ruin in Polonnaruwa.  And the second one is from Gal Vihara (Polonnaruwa), the dying Buddha and our little girl Punidi.

More next time. (there's lots more)
Sri Lanka

pictures, pictures, pictures, ...

Now some pictures.


The one in the middle is Maud, who left us again. And the one on the right is Dilini, who's now sick at home with chickenpox.


That was the way to the pool at the Owinka Lake Resort. Since it's an eco friendly resort, a lot of the ways are done with logs which looks very pretty.  The second one is part of the area at the resort. Isn't it absolutely beautiful?

All the AIESECers that came with us to the resort. The second from the right is Plamsi, who lives with me.

The little cutie we saw on the way. He's only a bit shy. :o)

Some of my students who come to almost every of my classes... they must like them... :o)

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